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Ji'an Shipei technology limited company belongs to the Excelle century group,Excelle Century Group companies (Excelle Shenzhen Century Technology Co.,Ltd., Luen (Hongkong) Electronics Co., Ltd., Shipei (Hongkong) Technology Co.,Ltd, Ji'an Shipei Technology Co., Ltd). Excelle century group was founded in 2011,Shenzhen Kaiyue Century Limited reputation is a national high-tech enterprises, is a collection research and development, design, production, processing, sales andafter sale service in one of the large-scale mobile power consumption electronicmanufacturing enterprises. The company owns DIP, wire, silk screen painting,electronic assembly and many other core business department. Shipei, company is located in the emerging national electronic industry base of national levelJinggangshan economic development zone.

The main production of electronic products mainly data line, charger, Shipeipeople with green energy to create the next mission, to the unity, enterprising,pragmatic attitude, to innovation as the soul, work steadily, and strive to practice the "create the world famous brand, a hundred years of brand" enterprise vision.

At present, the company owns: "Ding poly", "Shipei" two big independent R & Dbrand, also become more than a well-known international brand. Customer recognition and praise. This firm our confidence and persistence, power is the source of our expanding.

The company is located in Ji'an science and technology Shipei domestic road in Ji'an city of Jiangxi province Jinggangshan economic and Technological Development Zone (opposite the Ji'an Auto City, Jinggangshan cigarette factoryside), convenient transportation, beautiful environment, complete facilities, an in-house dormitory, canteen, shops, cafes and events (including table tennis table,billiard basketball court) the implementation of human change management,provide competitive remuneration and broad space for development.

Shipei Technology Co. Ltd warmly welcome you to join, to jointly participate in thecompany's future development, I wish you good health, happy work!

Joint efforts to develop Shipei technology limited company relies on the general staff, Shipei every progress tomorrow, are closely related with your efforts, the company better blueprint by every one of our intelligent brain and hard-working hands drawing together.

We will help you to understand the system of basic rules of Shipei values, the company's basic rights, obligations you save Shipei have and should fulfill, for youto specify the direction, to help you quickly into the Shipei this big family, happywork but also want you to display in each job talent, do what little one can to help,for the construction of Shipei this building will build up establishment company for each employee to provide a good personal development space as long as you are gold, will give you the chance to shine, so, the more you hope to the company'smission and grand industry accompanied by the development of the companydevelop its business on.