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The company's creation of "Ding poly", "Shipei" two independent research and development of the brand, the last company for a number of well-known international brand OEM, accumulated excellent production mode, the standardquality system, market acceptance of the product line. In the future, we are full of confidence, and strive to create "Ding" and "Shipei" two core brands, make it become a respected and recognized high-quality brand, great sense of science and technology. Customer recognition and praise firmly to our confidence and persistence, power is the source of our expanding.

"Ding poly": for men to build. "Ding" represents the success, steady, honesty,tolerance, quality. "Poly" represents the cooperation, unity, cooperation, direction,focus. "Ding -" target, struggle, successful man show.

"Shipei": for the lady to build. "Poetry": the representative of poetic, beautiful,delicate, temperament, intellectual, connotation. "Pei" represents the, spirit,yearning, sunshine, independent, growth. "Shipei" poetic and aestheticachievement woman intellectual life.

"Ding poly": a good man "friends". "Shipei": a woman really "close friend".